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New Zealand, Espersen family
« Dato: 15. April 2013 kl:14:15 »
I am the great granddaughter of Wilhelmina Baibaitine Espersen who came to N.Z. in the 1860's. Firstly she was married to Andrew Schon in Bornholm then she married Thorwald Emilius Brill orginally from Copenhagen in New Zealand. I previously have had contact with Lill May Didriksen who was very helpful indeed sending me information about Wilhelmina's family. However I haven't had replies to my recent emails to her, and as I want to visit Bornholm this June I was wondering if there is any descendants of Wilhelmina's family still living on Bornholm.
Wilhelmina's father was Johan Ludwig and her mother Ane Margrete Jensdatter Mogensen. Their children were Wilhelmina, Dorothea, Christen Peter, Johan Georg, Thorwald Ferdinand, Carl Christian, Anine, Amalie and Alexie. Quite a large family. I would be most grateful for any help at all.
Roslyn Eades
New Zealand


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Sv: New Zealand, Espersen family
« Svar #1 Dato: 20. Maj 2013 kl:14:58 »
Hi Roslyn
I've got pieces of information regarding the Johan Espersen family for you. I can tell, that the family most likely left Bornholm around 1874.
Wilhelmine had 8 siblings.
Christian Peter, born 28th July 1847 - died 23rd September 1847 - buried 27th September 1847 in Rønne, Bornholm
The rest of them left for other parts in Denmark and 2 of them ended up in USA and Canada.
You're welcome to mail me for further (exchange of) information. My mail account is my name with a dot between the names and

Kind regards
Lass Mahler
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