Forfatter Emne: Meaning of the word “Grund” on Bornholm farms  (Læst 16031 gange)

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Meaning of the word “Grund” on Bornholm farms
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I need clarification about a word used to describe a farming operation on Bornholm in the 1700s -1800s.

I understand Selvejergaard as being a self-owned farm. 
For example:   35. Selvejergaard- Kølleregård , Klemensker Sogn, is owned by the person listed with the farm.

What is the correct definition of the word “grund”:   
For example:  35. Selvejergaard Grund - Kølleregård , Klemensker Sogn

I have read that ”grund” in this case means 35 Selvejergaard is mearly a ”small” self-owned farm.  I have also read that ”grund” means that the person listed is a tenant leasing a small portion of
35. Selvejergaard [owned by another farmer].   


Which meaning is correct?

Thank you for your help.



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Sv: Meaning of the word “Grund” on Bornholm farms
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Grund is the word for ground or land the building or house or farm are build on.
35. slg. gr. is meaning that a part of the land where the farm is, perhaps is sold to another man og leant out for rent perhaps.

Hope this is answer is enough.

If you are a member there is on the site a category under the member page and there you can search farms or persons name.
It's a great idea to be a member if You have bornholmske ancestors.

Kind Regads
Winnie Juel Mikkelsen

David Madison

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Sv: Meaning of the word “Grund” on Bornholm farms
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Hej Winnie,

Thank you for your comments.  I realize translating the nuances of a language is challenging.

I appreciate your help.